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Global sessions online 25-29 maj

Global sessions anordnas för första gången som on-line och är öppen för alla lärare och studenter att delta.

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Why the Global sessions?

Now more than ever, students, teachers, scholars and professionals need to come together to reflect upon important issues that affect us all, on the local, regional, national and international levels. We also need to strengthen our networks in the world, build sustainable relations and relate our academic disciplines to what is going on around us in our societies. Global sessions are also an arena to get to know each other and expand our horizons with new perspectives, mainly in the areas of social work/social sciences and nursing/health care sciences and related disciplines. This is the 10th year that we organise the Global Sessions. It all started with a joint effort by Ersta Sköndal University College, Glasgow Caledonian University, Munich University of Applied Sciences and Saint Louis University, Philippines. We are social work and nursing teachers, scholars, students and professionals, but we are also open to interact and exchange ideas, concepts and experiences with people and communities from different backgrounds.

Who can participate?

Mainly social work and nursing students and teachers from our partner universities in Scotland, Germany, India, Sweden, Denmark and the Philippines. But also, others can join us by invitation, see the practical info below the program.

Partners and experiences from (invitations): Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Spain/País Vasco, India, Scotland, Kurdistan/Iraq, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Lebanon, Argentina and Uruguay.

Students/alumni from former Global Sessions and existing international networks (Erasmus and others).

Schedule – please join the meetings by following this link:änk till annan webbplats

Facebook group: Global sessions 2020:änk till annan webbplats

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